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lend, earn save and spend your crypto assets however you decide

Take Control

Take total control of your portfolio with our & Grow your assets through our savings products

Easy Payments

take advantage of our payment services to meet your payment obligations

Low Cost Loans

Access Low cost loans that enable you meet instant Cash flow needs without having to sell your crypto holdings


Buy, Sell & Swap your crypto assets swiftly on Quiver, No exchange fees & No Hidden charges.


We know how difficult it is to HODL when you need cash for emergency expenses but do not want to sell your crypto assets.

Interest as low as 6.5%

Get free access low interest loans backed by your crypto assets as collateral, now you never have to sell your crypto again.

Multi-Asset Collateral

Up to 30 crypto assets supported at launch. More to be added.

Instant Loan Actualization

Get access to Loans within 2 hours of making a loan request.

Earn interests on your deposited assets

Open an Interest bearing account with us and Earn interest daily on your crypto assets deposited in the account.

up to 8% interest on Savings

Dont just HODL your assets, put your money to work & earn interests on your savings. No need to Lock your crypto, No Maturity period & No cost of redemption.

Dollar Cost Averaging

You can now save towards that summer trip to Maldives You have been planning. Simply create a Savings goal on Quiver and decide a monthly amount you intend to save & let us handle the rest.

Get the VISA to Spend your crypto

Quiver offers both physical & Virtual Cards with QuiverPay. Earn up to 2% cashbacks on every transaction when you use our cards at over 40 Million merchants Globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

Quiver gives users access to not only save & invest in crypto but also exposes them to other Blockchain services that enables you build your wealth. From savings & investment plans with Dollar cost averaging to Collateralized loans & many more. All you have to do is create an account, transfer your assets into our variety of crypto & fiat wallets and get access to the world of Decentralized Finance

How does Quiver Pay interest?

Quiver is able to pay out interests to depositors with the profit it earns by leveraging on its extensive partner networks to lend crypto assets in the retail/institutional market & DeFi Platforms.

What is an Interest Account?

Quiver, in conjunction with our partners offers an Interest Bearing Account that enables you store your crypto assets and earn industry leading compound interest daily. Once you fund your account, you begin to earn interest within 24hrs & interest payments are made at the end of every month. Further Details on supported assets & interest rates would be provided before launch.

What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

Dollar Cost Averaging is an investment strategy whereby an investor decides to invest a pre-determined amount of money in an asset periodically. This strategy is great for building your asset portfolio or meeting a savings goal or target.

What is a Collateralized Loan?

A crypto backed collateralized loan is a loan that leverages users crypto assets as collaterals for obtaining loans. Its very simple, borrowers deposit their crypto assets intended to be used as collateral with us and we fund their wallets with the requested loan amount. The requested Loan amount must not exceed the Loan to Value ratio to avoid a margin call on the loan. Loans are made available to borrowers wallets within 2hrs of making requests.

What is Loan to Value Ratio

Loan to Value ratio is the ratio of your Loan to the value of the crypto collateral deposited. This means that the value of the loan can not exceed a certain percentage of the value of the collateral supplied. Quiver Borrowers can access up to 75% of the value of the supplied collateral

i.e. LTV = loan Value / Collateral Value

What is a Margin Call?

When the LTV of a collateralized loan rises above the prescribed ratio, the borrower is alerted to re-collateralize the loan by supplying more collateral or paying off the loan within 72hrs. For Risk management purposes, Quiver uses Three LTV alerts levels the lower limit being 65%. if the loan is not re-collateralized before the specified time limit is exceeded or the LTV goes above the upper limit, the customer's collateral is liquidated to offset the loan.

Is my money safe?

Quiver uses a Custodial Wallets Architecture. We are partnered with industry leading custody providers to ensure that client deposits are secured.

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